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A February thaw

Back when I was living in Los Angeles, during my acting career my wardrobe differed greatly from the wardrobe I wear here in the Northeast. I'll start with my shirts. Because of winter and the cold temperatures and the snow we've been having, I am totally into wearing flannel shirts. I just purchased two new ones : the one I'm wearing as I type to you is one of them. I’m wearing it with my white pants; my button fly to be exact. I'm also wearing my red thick slouch socks, and my tan construction boots. 

Let me get into my fetish with slouch socks. It began about 30 years ago when I was living in New York City. At the time I was living in "Boys Town." I had stocked up on the very common E.G.Smith socks. They were selling for about $10 a pair. You can buy these socks today at where they sell for now $14 a pair. Considering how long they last the price still not bad. The red ones I have on are not E.G.Smith, but rather knock offs. 

The socks are 100% cotton and are listed on the website as boot socks, these socks are very warm I must say they are the best socks for wearing in the winter, at least for me. They have white, red, black, purple, teale, blue, and olive socks online. The main color I own are white. I also own every color they sell on the website and maybe about 15 other colors as well. I encourage you to try these fabulous socks, you won't be disappointed!



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