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Halloween Memories of Dark Shadows

Do you guys remember a series entitled “Dark Shadows?” I remember watching this as a kid with my two older sisters. I was very young at the time and upon looking it up on Google, I see that it ran from 1966 to 1971. So I was only six years old when I started watching.

I started thinking about the gothic soap opera because of Halloween and it being my first foray into the world of soap operas.

I remember being very scared watching the show, especially since my parents absolutely forbade me to watch anything scary. So my sisters and I snuck me into the den to watch it with them.

Debbie is three years my senior and Linda, who is now sadly deceased, was eight years my senior. I especially remember Linda being intrigued with the show. It was very exciting to me as a six year old, partly because I got to be in on watching the show with my older sisters.

To this day I am probably permanently distressed from those early days with “Dark Shadow.” I really am not drawn to horror films today, perhaps because I was too frightened as a child of the show. So maybe my parents were right after all that I shouldn’t have been watching it.

I went trick or treating as a child, but I distinctly remember back in the 1960s and 1970s there was a spate of razor blades found in apples and other tricks that weren’t funny at all. So we were only allowed to go to neighbors who we knew by name.

I have no recollection of going to any Halloween parties while I was pursuing my acting career. It just wasn’t that big of a holiday to me and I don’t remember thinking about it. The parties I did go to were Oscar parties and other parties connected to entertainment.

What I wound up watching that I really enjoyed as a young teenager were shows like “Falconcrest” and “Dynasty” which were really weekly soap operas. I also remember liking “Charlie’s Angels” a lot. These were the types of shows I wanted to be in as a young actor.

I got my start as a soap opera extra in a New York City show called “One Life to Live.” This was mush more up my alley than a show like “Dark Shadows.”

Herman and I looked the show up on “You Tube” and after viewing a clip I can see how dated and badly produced it was. I was talking over scary movies with my aide Terry and she told me she had seen them all. But I really shied away from movies like “The Excorcist,” “Poltergeist,” “The Shining” and “The Omen.” They just aren’t my cup of tea.

Give me a nice romantic comedy any day and I’ll leave my “Dark Shadows” in the past.

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