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Going to a Birthday Party with Julia

When I was living in Los Angeles my dear friend Deborah Goodrich had a birthday party at a restaurant on Ocean Ave. between Santa Monica and Malibu. It sat across the street facing the ocean. Hence the name of the street.

I had been friends with Julia Roberts since my days in New York City. And Deborah had befriended her as Julia’s then boyfriend had been a line producer on a feature film Deborah was in.

I had also met Deborah in New York City. I met her at a restaurant in 57th Street because my then boyfriend Sammy was friends with her then boyfriend Mitchell. Our friendship survived the loss of both boyfriends.

Deborah used to play Silver Kane, sister of Erika Kane on “All My Children.” What’s ironic about that is that ai was a die-hard “All My” fan for years.

Anyway, I think it was Deborah’s 30th birthday and she arranged for all of her friends to meet at this restaurant, and for once I wasn’t working.

About 12 or 15 of us got together, all girls, and it was just a coincidence I had known both Julia and Deborah before the party.

I had been to Deborah’s house in some canyon around L.A., I forget which one. I think at the time, Julia was living with Kiefer Sutherland in the Hollywood Hills. Anyway, she didn’t bring Kiefer with her because it was an all female party.

I’m trying to think of what man was in my life at that time. As far as I can remember, it was Bradford Tatum. That’s a whole other column.

We all had seafood at the party as well as birthday cake and cocktails.

I remember having mimosas which is champagne, orange juice and triple sec or cointreau, which is like a fine orange liquer.

Everybody at the birthday party were “in the business” in some form or other. Deborah’s agent and Julia’s publicist were both there, I remember as well as a couple of female directors. These were all people Deborah had personal or professional relationships with.

Deborah now lives in Connecticut with her family and is no longer part of that profession. But I’m glad I still keep in touch with her at least via e-mail and Christmas cards. I’ve often wished I could contact Julia again, but I lost touch with her as her career took off and she has buffers between her and the general public. Deborah told me she no longer stays in touch with Julia either.

For all the people I have recently been speaking about, I have yet to reconnect with any of them through e-mail or otherwise. Maybe it’s just as well. They are all living different lives as I am.

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