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Well, Mom Made it Official

I’m just coming off a full weekend that I spent with Mom, Herman and a group of friends and aides. This is the first birthday I’ve celebrated with Mom in a long time.  She arrived here 4/9 and on the 10th we celebrated at Lanzi’s on the Lake. I had reserved a special cake made by Leta Aldous who had made my 40th birthday cake as well as other cakes for celebrations through the years. It was a great chocolate and strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and strawberries in the shape of flowers-both beautiful and delicious.

I’m well-known for having to spend past birthdays at the beach either in Los Angeles when I was pursuing my acting career and even here at the beach in Caroga Lake when the weather permitted.

Out in California I made sure all my friends around me knew when my birthday was. This still happens today. I’d say I don’t like a big deal on my birthday, but the truth of the matter is, I like to feel special on my birthday-especially the one I just had as I turned 50.

For instance, I appreciated Steve Caporizzo mentioning my birthday on the weather report for TV Ch. 10 last Monday. He also very politely wished me “Happy 39th birthday-again,” instead of giving away my actual age. I am the weather watcher for Caroga Lake for Channel 10 and I must admit I enjoy being recognized on TV all these years after I had tried so hard to get my name up in lights.

I always went out to luncheon and dinner on my birthday both in New York City and Los Angeleswhen I was there. I also made sure I had no auditions or work the day of my birthday, so I could enjoy it with my friends.

If you ever wondered what I looked like in my heyday, I attach a photo my Mom brought for my birthday I had forgotten about. I think I was about 25 in this picture at my Mom’s house inCleveland. That would have been in 1985 which would be consistent with what I’m wearing as far as a dress, high heels and lipstick. I don’t wear any of those things these days.

As I’m writing this to you, I’m sitting in a sunbeam which is calling me to come outside and enjoy the weather here at the lake.

I will finish by telling you that when I was in Hollywood, my agent, Tom Jennings, declared April 12th as my personal holiday off-that being my birthday. I think it was more or less my idea and he went along with it.

So, thanks for all the well-wishes, especially from those who still kept in touch from my old days. I heard from my landlord in New York City who today I can now call a friend (Thanks, Michael) as well as Kathryn Schultz Miller, who directed the ARTReach program I toured with when I first left college.

As far as new friends, thanks to Carl Jurica and Bill Pollak for making the trek to our house and dropping off gifts-sorry I was away at PT at the time.

And to all those who called, sent cards or came to my party, I look forward to doing this again in 10 years. Start planning now.


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