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American Idol Inches to the End

With great anticipation I’ve looked forward to another season of American Idol. By the time you guys read this, it will be down to the final two and I’m betting they will be Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. We’ll see if I’m right.

I’ve nothing against Casey James, in fact, I think he might get a lot of votes based on cuteness from all the teeny boppers out there. But the real talent seems to be with Crystal and Lee.

Though I say this with a true affection for Casey’s voice, I just don’t think it will hold up to the end.

The judges keep bringing up the “true artist” factor. That is, who is bringing something unique and new to the stage, and that’s not Casey’s forte’.

Of course, last season my pick would have been Adam Lambert to win the competition. He came in second to what I think was the more forgettable Chris Allen. I even went so far as to buy Allen’s CD and was disappointed to the point of wanting to give it away, but I haven’t found a willing taker yet.

I must also admit having listened to Lambert’s cuts on his CD, I’m not enthused with his choice of music either. But that has more to do with his song choice than his delivery.

This Idol season has been billed as the least watched season since Paula Abdul left as a judge and Simon Cowell is saying this is his last season. However, Cowell is slated to host a new vocal competition called “The X Factor,” which started in England and has been in many other countries. Cowell produces this show and will judge its first year in production here in the USA in 2011. Other judges have yet to be announced.

There were never such competitions of this caliber when I went pursuing my own music career. Though I was pursuing acting more than singing back then.

If there had been competitions like this back then, I definitely would have tried out. In fact, I got picked as the lead singer in “The Music Man” musical in high school as the character Marian the Librarian. It was the first musical I ever auditioned for. Others followed.

I was also in a musical at the Chagrin Valley Little Theater where my first scene on stage had me in a bathtub scene with balloons serving as fake bubbles. (I was wearing leotards under the “bubbles” so it wasn’t as racy as it sounds.)

Other singing experiences such as singing “Memories” while under the influence at my sister’s wedding fell particularly flat. To this day my sister and I still laugh about it, as my sister’s friend Judy Davis and I regale family audiences with the story of doing shots of vodka on the way to the wedding. After all I was only, well, let’s just say I shouldn’t have been drinking. But we have lots of memories.

So in hind sight, maybe I’m not the best judge as to who should win Idol.  But that won’t stop me from watching and cheering my favorite.

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