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Edie Falco and Nurse Jackie

I recently got the first season of “Nurse Jackie” on DVDs from Netflicks.

This role for Edie, in my opinion, totally represents her true personality and energy. From what I’ve seen of “The Sopranos,” that role also represents her energy, but “Nurse Jackie” rings more true to me to the Edie Falco I knew and worked with.

When Edie and I worked at “Formerly Joe’s” in the West Village of Manhattan, her energy was as honest and straight and true as it seems to be in the TV show. She didn’t mess around.

As Herman often says about me, the person you meet after five minutes is the same person you know after five years. I felt the same way about Edie. And after watching her on “Nurse Jackie” I get the feeling that she’s still the same strong minded, stubborn, opinionated person and not at all afraid to let these traits be known.

She bucks the authority of her boss in “Nurse Jackie” reminiscent of the way she was with the owner/manager of Formerly Joe’s, Andy Menschel.

I remember her, Michael Chikliss, Anthony Bourdain and I would sit around for hours after our shift at Chumley’s, a tavern that also had food and that stayed open later than Joe’s (and that I later tended bar at a couple of years later when Chikliss, Bourdain and Edie’s careers took off). We would bemoan Andy and talk about the days when we wouldn’t have to deal with the restaurant business at all because we would all be successful actors or writers or in Tony’s case a writer/entrepreneur in the food industry.

Ironic that all these years later Bourdain has a successful TV show called “No Reservations” and has published books like “Kitchen Confidential” about the secrets and stories of the food industry in New York. And Chikliss went on to star in “The Commish” and “The Shield,” where he won an Emmy.

And now Edie has starred for two years in “Nurse Jackie” which is in it’s second season on Showtime. The first season is available for rental through Netflicks.

I’m tempted to contact Edie’s agent over the Internet in order to reconnect with her.  I’ve heard she’s had a bout with cancer and has adopted a child as a single parent. I will let you know if I get a return reply from her agent Herman found for me on the Web. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m not afraid of long shots. After all, it was a long shot for me to pursue an entertainment career, but I didn’t shy away from it.

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