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‘Remembering’ Tony Nominee Greg Mosher

Last Sunday (June 13) Herman and I were watching the Tony Awards together. I awaited this awards show with great anticipation, not because I was familiar with any of the Broadway musicals or plays being nominated, but I am familiar with many of the actors that played in them. From my musical theater roots I am familiar with many of the plays from my days of studying them and auditioning for them.

When the first award was given to Scarlett Johansson for best featured actress and she thanked Greg Mosher for telling her she could do what she didn’t think she could, I commented to Herman, “I don’t remember how or from when, but I remember the name Greg Mosher.”

As if she were reading my mind, I got an email from Kathryn Schultz Miller, the artistic director for ArtReach, my first paid acting gig.

“Did you know that you met Gregory Mosher (up for Tony tonight) while touring with ArtReach?  It was 1982-83 and he was reporting for the National Endowment for the Arts.  He took us all out for a drink after a performance of 'Blue Horses.'  He liked YOU!  Later married oh, what’s her name, Isabella Rosselini?  Ingrid Bergman’s daughter. Then divorced. Just thought you might enjoy that angle.”

As with many of my male pursuits, especially in the 80s, this one escaped me. I just don’t remember him at all, and when I saw im on the Tonys, well it WAS 30 years later, I just didn’t recognize him as he is bald as an eagle.

I did look him up and found out:
“Gregory Mosher is a theatre director who is presently a professor of theatre at Columbia University and director of Columbia's Arts Initiative. He is a Tony Award-winning director and producer of nearly two hundred stage productions – at the Lincoln Center and Goodman Theatres, on and off-Broadway, at the Royal National Theatre, and in the West End. He is also a film and television director, producer, and writer.”

I feel kind of ridiculous now for not being able to remember him. At the time, I guess he was reviewing us for a grant for the NEA, and I guess he just didn’t make an impression on me-what can I say?

It’s funny, one of my readers named Nancy often comments how she is surprised what a good memory I have and in this case my memory fails me. I remember his name but not the experience.

So I emailed Kathy back and asked if she remembered any of the details of Greg liking ME and whether or not I responded. I just couldn’t remember. She wrote back in her typical tongue-in-cheek humor:
“Yeah, well you attracted men like flies, I don’t think you could remember every fly.  He wasn’t exactly hitting on you but I don’t think he’d have taken us out for a drink if it weren’t for you. He clearly had eyes for you.  I was ticked because having these big shots come in was quite a lot of nerve-wracking trouble for me.  Not only did I have to pick their cheap butts up at the airport but I had to suffer being the low life children’s theatre person while they talked about off-Broadway and all I stood to get from NEA was $5000.  He wore a beret because he was balding and lots of pins on his backpack to prove he’d been around. It was a few years later he married Isabella Rosselini. They divorced soon after that. I couldn’t believe it. But he hasn’t gone away. There he was on the Tonys.”

And was there any more to the story? Kathy followed up with:
“Oh, and he did tell you call him when you were in New York. I remember that very well, he gave you the name of his agent.”

The agent apparently didn’t do me any good. I went through a lot of episodes trying to get an agent. But still, since he had gone to that trouble, I had to try and remember.

So I had Herman do a freeze-frame on Greg’s face with our DVR when the camera showed him in the crowd as Scarlett was heaping thanks on him. I looked a long time. But nope, still can’t place him.

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