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Some New Fall Shows To Watch

Hey guys, sorry about last week. What with the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur and my mom visiting from Ohio, I just didn’t get it done.

Additionally, last week starting Monday the 20th, ABC’s Red Carpet Premier week started with all the new fall shows premiering every night of the week and I’m going to have to split up my comments over a couple of weeks to cover them all.

Herman and I just finished watching “Blue Bloods” with Tom Selleck on ABC at 10 PM Friday. We actually didn’t get around to watch until Saturday morning what with all the other premiers on all the various networks this week. It’s not a typical car-chase, shoot-em-up so much as a character study of a family with a long tradition of law enforcement. I have to say I’ve been a fan of Tom Selleck for a long time and he really seems to mature with this role.

Herman and Terry are recording so many shows for me on my DVR that I’m having to forego backup staples like “Larry King Live” and “Joy Behar.” Remember how for months I was an advocate of watching “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC? Well, I’m at the point where I can’t take any more commentary beating a dead horse on the upcoming elections. I need a little levity, or at least some fictional drama instead of the real thing.

So, as for sitcoms, I watched “S&$% My Dad Says” starring William Shatner and “Better With You,” which is a stand-out for me with mostly new actors I hadn’t seen before.

I found myself laughing out loud at “Better With You” and as well with William Shatner’s new vehicle, although the critics have not been kind to it.

I also confess to liking another new sitcom named “Mike and Molly” about two diet-challenged overweight people who find their way to each other. They don’t really focus on losing weight so much as living with who they are. That’s kind of a nice viewpoint these days when so much of society seems to focus on a perfect body image.

Fox TV’s new show “Raising Hope” actually intrigued me in that it strays from the traditional sitcom format. A young father must raise his daughter after her mother is executed for murder and his daughter was conceived from a one-night stand. What drew me to the show was its broken characters trying to do the right thing. From there the humor is off-beat and covers new ground for a sitcom.

I’ll talk next week about some of the other new shows for this fall, but for now I have to get back to my DVR and catch up.

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