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More Shows I’m Falling For

I told you about some of the new fall shows I liked last week. This week I want to talk to you guys about other shows that stood out to me.
One such show is called “The Defenders” starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. They approach the material with a lot of heart and a strong sense of right and wrong.

This is not strictly a typical lawyer show. In the pilot episode, a woman is charged with leaving her infant daughter in a roasting hot car while she went to work. The thing is, she was so shocked by the event, she didn’t appear to show any remorse and it was Belushi’s character’s job to present her as a sympathetic victim to the jury. When the court wanted to take away her older daughter, Belushi stepped in to take the child into his own home and avoid foster care.

Both O’Connell and Belushi have starred in sitcoms before, and this is quite a departure for them both.

“Outlaw” with Jimmy Smits as a lawyer who gives up a position on the Supreme Court is also not a routine attorney show. I really love the character Jimmy Smits plays and the show’s concept, but some people may have trouble swallowing the idea of someone resigning a position on the Supreme Court to “fight injustice.” I can see where that could be a tough pill to swallow for some, but not me.

As for sitcoms, “Outsourced” seemed silly and unrealistic to me, so much so that I stopped watching it halfway through the first episode and erased it from my DVR. That may not seem fair, but there are just too many shows in competition to watch.

Then there’s “My Generation.” I watched the first episode and found myself bored with the reality aspect chronicling a young man’s life. I found the show skipped around from one character to another so much that the viewer couldn’t identify with any characters. This is another show I won’t have Herman and Terry record for me any more.

Now for some returning favorites.

I’ll start out with the half-hour sitcom “The Middle” with Patricia Heaton who we all got to know as Ray Ramano’s wife on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” As the frazzled mother on “The Middle,” Heaton has a different role than as the sane, ultra competent wife on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” And the children are especially interesting with a boy, “Brick” who is always whispering an ongoing monologue to himself and his big sister, “Sue,” who can’t seem to do anything right but keeps smiling through it all. Big brother Axl is always appearing in his underwear boxer shorts. I’ve seen him dressed once.

Another standout returns in “Modern Family,” which incidentally won an Emmy for Best Prime Time Comedy. This show presents all kinds of mix and match families blended together and makes the viewer like them all.

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