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Skating With My Memories

Last weekend I was thrilled to see the band Foreigner playing live for a skating competition called Improv-Ice on NBC. I am always thrilled to see figure skating as it is the one part of the Olympics I always tune into as well.

I hadn’t heard from Foreigner in many years since I used to listen to them in the late 1970s and then also when I was in college in the 1980s.  In fact, they mentioned they were coming out with a new album, their first in 15 years. They still sounded as good as I recalled them sounding and hadn’t aged as badly as many retrospective bands seem to have. I found myself smiling throughout and remembering all the lyrics.

Watching the skaters such as Evan Lysacek, Jeffrey Buttle, Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley, and Sasha Cohen do improve skating to the iconic music of the 80s that brought back so many memories was just an added benefit.

Then on Monday night immediately after Dancing with the Stars, which I don’t watch, came Skating with the Stars. Since I like skating so much, I tuned in and was surprised to see my old class-mate Sean Young among the stars skating.
Sean and I toured and performed together during high school with the Girls Glee Club/Men’s Chorus (commonly known as GGCMC). I still have a picture of her in my album from when we were both about 16.

I was surprised she looked as good as she did after all these years, but in the same vein I have heard the same comment about me after all these years. I guess you just have to have the right genes, and maybe the right hair dye-I’ll bet Sean is hiding a few gray hairs as well.

I remember there was an indoor skating rink in Cleveland that my mom used to drive me and my friends to.  We had a car-pool when we went.

I was not bad at skating, in fact I did both skiing and skating in winter and did well enough to enjoy both.

Since I understand the difficulties of skating and love the music that goes with figure skating as broadcast on TV, I still get a kick out of watching it. I’ve never actually gone to see a live “Stars on Ice” which I know had come to the Albany Area in the past. I wouldn’t want to deal with the crowds and so much prefer to watch in the privacy of my own home.

The combination of music, memories and motion remembered from my old days skating and singing with Sean Young were good fun. I hope she does well. I know she commented her kids would be watching and cheering her on. So will I.
I enclose a picture I took of her from the GGCMC from 1976 in Washington, DC with classmates Karen Colton arm in arm and Marti Dixon looking down below them.

Photo: Sean Young, Karen Colton, MartiDixon


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