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80F for the ides of October


If you read this on Sunday the 15th (the "ides" of October) you will know if our local weather forecaster is correct in saying it should be nearly 80F! This unusually long hot spell is more than welcome after the cool and rainy summer we had in the northeast.

With wild fires in California, hurricanes and flooding in the southeast and the Caribbean, and even earthquakes in Mexico City, I have to think we live in the most ideal place in the country.

I have loved this area for going on 45 years. As you all know I have lived in many places, not to mention traveled around the world thanks to my parents. See, they were both born in Europe and thought it was important for us to see Europe as kids: they figured we could see the states on our own time. I haven't been to nearly as many U.S.States as I have countries I’ve seen in Europe.

Don't get me wrong, mom and dad took us to Colorado, and Vermont, but those were skiing trips. I remember seeing Mount Snow in Vermont, and Breckinridge in Colorado. What I remember most about those trips was the wonderful skiing and hanging out in the lodge afterward in front of a roaring fire place, wearing our after ski boots and warming our feet.  

In contrast, we had many beautiful trips to Florida always soaking up the sun. One year our parents splurged and took us to Aruba. There were a lot of gambling casinos and I remember dressing up at age 15 and passing for an 18 year old, and sneaking into the casinos. They didn't require an I.D. probably because I was with my parents. I played the slot machines but 

never gambled at a card table. Mom and dad thought that my youth would definitely be obvious at a gambling table. I think the most money I ever won at a slot machine was like $50. But to me that was like a million!

In writing to you guys about all my travels I am brought back to my life here in Fulton County as I started this column with the wacky weather we've been experiencing. I would like to tell you that today, the day I'm writing this which is October the 11th, I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeve T-shirt. However, I must add that I have a beach towel on my lap and legs with slippers on to keep me warm. But even today they’re forecasting in low 60's,  but even though I wouldn't say is warm, it's definitely better than what I'd expect for this time of the year, here in Caroga Lake.  

I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful "summer in October!" 

I enclose a photo of our view across the lake.

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