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On a cold Veteran's Day weekend


First, a shout out to all our military vets who keep us safe and go where needed. We may not think about our safety that much of the time due to the fact they are doing their jobs so well.

Now, closer to home I have to say how much I've enjoyed visits from my aide's kids lately. I'm not really a kid person, per se, but I have to admit that I really enjoy her 4 girls. The youngest is Trinity, and she is 7 months old, then there is Gloria who is 2 years of age, next is Kylee who is 4 years of age, and lastly there is Paige who is 7 years of age. They are always well behaved when I see them, Aly #2 tells me they can be quite the handful when at home. Alee #1 babysits for them every once in a while, and she even says they can be a handful also. I think Alee #1 is going to be a great mother one day as she's getting all the practice in now. 

My speech is hard to understand and I have to be careful to speak as slowly and clearly as I can, but both Paige and Kylee have learned to understand me. Aly #2 usually clarifies what I'm trying to say just in case the girls misunderstand me. Alee #1 took Paige for the weekend and brought her to work with her. Paige and I had a good talk and she understood every word I said. It was just her and me and she did amazingly well in our conversation. I explained to her why I couldn't walk because of my MS and I also told her that's why my speech is so difficult to understand. Her exact words were, "It's okay Kathryn, you're still an amazing unique person!" It literally brought a smile to my heart and my face. Oh, the wisdom of a 7 year old. 

Kylee has also come to work with her Mom and she is a happy kid. She has her soul filled with sunshine. Over last summer she was a regular at the beach and the lake. I think she likes the water as much as I do. While I just sit in the lake Ky would run in circles with an unbelievable amount of energy. Alee #1 said she is like that all the time. I have heard from both Aly's that she can be a whiner, but I have yet to see that. That's the great thing about having the kids come and visit. They get to go home at the end of the day. And that's when Aly#2 takes over. 

I get to see them on there best behavior, and momma gets the tired and cranky side. Which is fine by me! 

I enclose a photo of Kylee with me from this past summer.


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