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Golden Globes and S.A.G. Awards

I’ve been an awards show devotee for as long as I can remember watching television. This is in part due to my mother’s influence as she loved to watch award shows and her excitement was infectious.

As I grew older and into adulthood and had my own goals set in the entertainment industry as a performer, I was further mesmerized by those in the glitz and glamour end of the business I wanted to be a part of.

From the “red carpet” as all the celebrities arrive on an actual red carpet leading to the awards I was totally intrigued. I was taken with the actresses, the dresses they wore and the first question from the interviewer of “who are you wearing tonight?”

I imagined myself as an actress one day being part of the red carpet and being nominated for my work as an actress in a film or television show.

For years I had my acceptance speech pretty well memorized, as I think most hopeful actors did.

Recently, the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards were held just a week apart with many of the same actors, TV shows and films nominated for each venue.

I think I preferred the SAG Awards, because it focused specifically on individual performances by actors and is voted on by fellow actors in the Screen Actors Guild.

Most of the feature films that were nominated in the Golden Globes were ones I had not seen, so for me it was like a long trailer of films I want to see on DVD later in the year.

One such film I find I am interested in is “Crazy Heart,” starring Jeff Bridges, for which he won the dramatic actor award in both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards. It’s about a broken down country western singer, a subject that usually doesn’t interest me. What speaks to me is what I’ve gathered is an outstanding performance delivered by Bridges. I kind of hope he delivered a performance like Robert Duvall did in “Tender Mercies.”

The SAG Awards have only been around since 1995, a year after I gave up on my own  acting career, while the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual Golden Globe Awards have been going on for 67 years.

After watching these two award shows, I’m kind of scenting the tide turning for the upcoming Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards. That ultimate award show will be coming up March 7 in its 82nd year.

This year the Oscars are hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Baldwin just won awards for his role in the television show “30 Rock.”

So I am in my glory of awards show fever. The Prime Time Emmy Awards that cover television shows won’t be until August 29, since the TV season ends in the spring and to give time for nominations and awards to be chosen.  So I have eight months to prepare for that.

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