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A Shout-out from Anthony Bourdain

Written by Kathryn Spira

Hey guys! I know I've spoken before about working at Formerly Joe's restaurant in New York City with the likes of Edie Falco, Michael Chikliss and Anthony Bourdain.

Well, I recently got an email from one of my website readers who was planning to attend an event with Anthony and was looking for some guidance in speaking with him.



On 10/26 I am attending the sold out VIP Philadelphia Kimmel Center event with Anthony. I will be meeting him afterwards. Anything you'd like me to pass along? Any topics I should avoid?

BTW: love your blog.

Steve Miller


Well, besides being glad readers were enjoying my website, I was happy to make contact with Anthony Bourdain, especially since he has been quite successful as a world traveler and food expert on his shows like "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" and "Parts Unknown."

So, I wrote back to Steve:

See if he remembers working with Kathryn Spira at Formerly Joe's a hundred years ago and remember the owner, Andy! Ask if he ever talks to Edie Falco or Michael Chikliss these days? Tell him I still am friends with Mary Woltz the hostess there. She is now a beekeeper on Montauk Point. No topics off limits I can think of. Thanks for asking and your nice comment!-Kathryn


Well, Steve promised to pass on my remarks to Anthony and report back, which he did a few days ago along with a photo of himself with Anthony. I include the photo here.



"Anthony sez Hi.

Great story teller."


Steve Miller

I can honestly say that Anthony was a great story teller and had been in the restaurant business for years when I met him. In fact, his break out book, "Kitchen Confidential" is what started his road to stardom. I highly recommend the book as well as any of his TV shows.

Thanks to Steve Miller for the connection!


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