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Going from summer to winter in a day

Written by Kathryn Spira


So last Saturday I was basking in the sun with 60F weather, mild breeze and Herman even took a long ride on his motorcycle. I was actually coatless for the afternoon; it was still a bit too cool in the morning to be without a coat.

What I’m really finding here over the years is that the wind affects the way the temperature feels. The weather man calls it wind chill, which is actually very accurate.

As you can see from the accompanying photo of our back yard the very next day, Sunday, winter came in ferociously.

Now, I really enjoy looking out the window at the beautiful snow as well as sitting in front of our open Ben Franklin type wood stove/fireplace. And I’m catching up on my reading. But when the wind starts to howl, I have to say it seems like a whole different world, especially when I was just sunning myself the day before.

When I lived out in Los Angeles, pursuing my “illustrious acting career,” I missed very much the change of seasons back east where there are four distinct seasons. But when that change happens overnight, it’s a little too much all at once.

On the west coast, there was summer, and then in February came “winter” which translated into a cool rain for days on end. This was particularly tough for me since it greatly curtailed my beach time.

But alas, I was not out there to hang on the beach. My calling was the entertainment industry and I had to keep reminding myself of that fact, especially on perfect hot, sunny days, which were more frequent than not out there.

As I write this on Tuesday, my usual writing day, I’ve already been in my sun booth that Herman bought me a few years back. Even on dreary, gray days like today I can revel in my solar panel and relax.

I listen to my favorite music (Jason Mraz at the moment) and chill out with the wind whistling past our porch like the sound of a train whistle.

Our porch is totally ensconced with windows, which makes it even colder although the windows are double glazed for insulation. And looking outside at every snowy angle makes it feel cooler as well.

But for now I’m cozy by the wood fire and waiting for sunny weather to come again. Maybe it will surprise me and hit as fast as this snow did!


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