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Reading an ‘Old-Fashioned’ sequel

Written by Kathryn Spira


So I've been reading the sequel to Herman's (AKA Richard H. Nilsen's) Adirondack mystery An Old-Fashioned Shooting. This one is called An Old-Fashioned Hanging and takes up where AO-FS left off.

I've been very interested in the book (I'm about half-way through it right now as I write this), partly because I've been trying to see what places and people we both know may have been used to construct this local mystery.

His first mystery has scored 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon and has been receiving good comments from friends and readers locally as well. Herman tells me he is eight chapters into a third installment on his Hal Johnson, Adirondack Detective series. You can even go on and click on An Old-Fashioned Hanging to read a sample for free!

You should know I'm not normally a mystery reader, so the fact that I'm enjoying this book is a good sign it will appeal to those who aren't necessarily mystery fans.

Besides the detective series, he has written a youth fantasy called The Book of Power, a collection of poetry called Trying to Help People and a period mystery that takes place in Northwest Arkansas in the 1950s. He spent 13 years there getting a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing (not in the 1950s, but in the late 1970s-- old enough!) where he studied in the home of Miller Williams, who headed up the U. of Ark. creative writing program and was the inaugural poet for Bill Clinton's second inauguration, Maya Angelou being the first.

I'm also working on a follow-up to my first book, In Kathryn's Korner, which I'm tentatively titled Training Wheels. I'm several chapters into it, but I don't have a release date set as yet. My first book is also at Mysteries on Main Street and Canada Lake Store for those of you who may have missed it or are looking far a gift idea this holiday season.

An Old-Fashioned Hanging and Herman’s other books can be found at Mysteries on Main Street bookstore in Johnstown, Canada Lake Store and in ebook format at for those who use Kindles or other ebook formats for their reading these days.

I include a photo of the cover of the book and hope you get to enjoy it as much as I am. Happy Holidays and happy reading!


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