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Replacing a lost turtleneck

Written by Kathryn Spira


So here's the deal, guys. Around seven or eight years ago, I met a couple from the New York City area who were checking out the area here in Caroga Lake for possible retirement. I tried to assist in their endeavor and in return they got me a mug with a detective shield from the area where he worked and my name placed on it.

He also got me a white turtleneck as well as a blue one with NYPD police monograms. Sadly, the blue one was stolen. So I was very focused to replace it, but couldn't do it without a police liaison. Once again our friend stepped up and he hooked me up with a service so I could get a replacement shirt. I am happy to report it arrived on the eve of Hanukkah. Actually, Christmas Eve this year was the first evening we lit candles for Hanukkah celebrating the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days in the old temple. (The Jewish day starts at sundown the evening before.)

I enclose a photo Herman took of me in my replacement NYPD turtleneck. Thank you Jerry for arranging the details so I could get the right shirt!

I have been very fortunate in receiving shirts as gifts in the past, ten right off the backs of the wearers at the time. For instance, I have the shirt that used to belong to the owner of A Votre Sante, the restaurant I worked at in Los Angeles, which was my last job in L.A. before moving back east. You may recall the column I wrote some time ago relating all the different shirts I have been given over the years.

I also got a very nice, colorful hoody from my friend Terry for a Hanukkah gift. She also got me a tank top with a palm tree motif to go with my sun bathing. In fact, I just finished a time in my sun booth before writing this to you guys, so I don't have to lose my tan in the winter.

I hope you all got what you wished for over the holidays, with family and friends most of all.

Happy New Year!


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