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Making Bush 43 look good

Written by Kathryn Spira

I have found myself deeply immersed in the horrifying antics of our 45th President Donald J. Trump. In retrospect, it actually casts a warm glow on our 43rd President George W. Bush, who got us into the war in Iraq we have yet to get out of.

It seems to me that each day there's a new outlandish Trumpism. I know I'm among the minority for many in Fulton County who read my column, but I absolutely do not like Trump. In fact, to further that thought; I am, as most of you know, a die-hard democrat. I'm registered as such, which leads me to tell you about a never-ending argument Herman and I have.

His thought is, "If you aren't registered republican in this county, you don't get to vote in local primaries. You only get to vote in the general election."

I don't care. I'm so far left, I can't even think as low as registering republican. It goes against everything at my core.

The most ridiculous thing of late that got my attention was when Trump accused Obama of wire tapping Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign. To coin a phrase from Joe Biden, "That's just malarkey."

He's also pushing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act health care plan with something that takes health care coverage away from the poor and gives hundreds of thousands of tax credits to the very rich. “TrumpCare indeed!”

I'm not quite sure yet what this will mean for my Medicaid coverage, but it doesn't look good.

Right now the republicans control all branches of the federal government and most state houses. It's hard to see how this can end well.

The bottom line for me is this. I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and I can only hope Trump doesn't get re-elected in 2020. At this point I would even take a reasonable republican, if such an animal exists. Each day I'm frightened to turn on the TV news to see what travesty he has created.

Trying to look on the bright side, at least he's made Saturday Night Live great again!


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