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Late snow delays spring

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, guys, a late two-foot dump of snow with cold air to keep the snow from melting may well delay our spring weather.

I got so restless with cabin fever, Herman finally took me for a ride Friday and I got to see the huge snow banks and pristine beauty of whiteness we get here in the Adirondacks. Then back home for a delicious corned beef and cabbage meal from Vrooman's Hotel, the century-old landmark still in business here in Caroga Lake (it was a St. Patrick's Day special).

I restarted my 16-year old Amaryllis bulb anyway along with a "forced-budding" hyacinth our friends Sue and Neal brought to brighten my day a couple of weeks ago. The hyacinth has had its first budding flower, purple in color and after that died, the second budding started underneath and at this point I am awaiting the beautiful second flower which at this point is surrounded by beautiful green leaves. The bulb itself sits on top of a small glass bottle of water that is shaped so that the bulb sits on top of the water perfectly with the roots traveling down the length of the bottle floating freely in the water. I had never seen this done before and I must say it's spectacular. My enduring thanks go out to our dear friends Sue and Neil for such a thoughtful and loving gift. (I enclose a photo of the plant.)

My other plant that's a bulb is one that Herman and I received as a house warming gift in 2001. (Thanks again Ahne!)

The bulb stays dormant for the whole fall and winter in our laundry room without water and then in the spring, we bring it out and begin to water it and just like that... It begins to grow. First with green leaves, then with a beautiful large red flower called an Amaryllis. Both these bulbs are quite new to me in terms of experience. It just goes to show you that no matter how long the soul lies dormant, it can always begin budding anew with just a little bit of love and attention. Those are my proverbial thoughts this week friends, do with them what you will!

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