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Change of seasons and birthdays

Written by Kathryn Spira


Hey, guys, it’s about this time every year that I generally switch my clothing from winter to summer apparel. Actually I mean I bring down all my T-shirts, tank tops and shorts and have my aides bring my sweaters and turtlenecks upstairs.

I made this change about the 18th of April as we had some very mild days about that time. April is always a busy month with my birthday on the 12th and anniversary on the 21st as well as many family and friends birthdays that month. I have a birthday book that I received as a gift many years ago which is basically a cloth bound book with blank pages inside and horizontal lines dividing each numbered day. That way on each day I can add a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

What I then do is have my aide switch my wooden perpetual calendar that’s on the wall. I then have her take the special dates and use the pre-marked wooden pieces to correlate with those days. The calendar sits to my right on a wall but far enough away that I can’t clearly see the specifically marked days. So what I have my aide do then is take my page-a-day cat calendar that sits directly in front of me on the kitchen table and write the specific birthdays, and anniversaries at the bottom of the cat calendar. That way I can wish whoever is having a celebration that particular day via a phone call, email or Facebook post to wish them my best!

People are always amazed at my appearance of an infallible memory. Little do they know about my secret weapon, the birthday book. Well I guess now it’s not a secret anymore, that thought came from my aide that’s typing for me Alee.

Today im wearing a t-shirt and long pants with long socks and sneakers. So I’ve come around full circle to the beginning of my writing to you. It is a bit chilly today (it being April 30th). I just had Alee give me a bandanna to spread out over my arms and hands cause they are chilly. But I’m going back to wearing shorts tomorrow.

May 1st is supposed to be in the 70s but rainy and yucky. We just looked at for Caroga Lake, and they give a ten day forecast. I am unhappy to report to you guys that the forecast for the next 10 days looks cloudy and rainy. I hope it’s wrong!

I also have to mention that today is my cat Sally’s 7th birthday!! Let me remind you briefly how I got her. I was at my vet’s office, Johnstown Animal Clinic back in 2002, and we were just leaving and we noticed a small kitten with a sign that said, “Six little kittens, one with white mittens-- left all alone, please take me home!” Herman and I looked at each other and smiled. This was the kitty for us! So along came Sally! I enclose a photo of Sally keeping me company on my chair arm. She’s 15 years young and still loves to romp around the house.

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