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Memorial Day musings

Written by Kathryn Spira


Hey, guys! I'm actually writing to you on Monday, Memorial Day, May 29. It's a rainy, washed-out day. That's more in keeping with the Memorial Days I knew all those years growing up and which my mother called by its original name of Decoration Day.

However, it's also the unofficial start of summer, and we've seen lots of activity up here at the lake after a quiet, early spring. We've been hearing the music from the ice cream vendor as he drives along the beach as well as the motor sounds of boats on the lake and lawn mowers from people getting their lawns in order. Saturday and Sunday were nice enough to do outdoor chores.

On Sunday afternoon the 29th, I had my aide Ali and Herman cleaning up our beach--raking pine needles and the trash that winds up on the beach from storms--as well as pulling up weeds and grass. It was a good start but still more needs to be done. As Herman likes to say, "It can't all be done in one day," much as I'd like it to be. Just the day before, on Saturday, we participated in the chicken barbecue/fund raiser for North Bush Methodist Church held at Campers Corner Store here in town and I got my seasonal allotment of home-made cream puffs from one of the nice ladies at church who helps out with their bake sale at the church.

Herman brought his kayak down to the beach and our neighbor Bob, with the help of another neighbor, Tim, put his fishing boat down at his newly resurrected aluminum dock. (Herman just has a buoy/tie-up for his sailboat and leaves the kayak chained to our deck.)

So much for our summer preparations, as we see our little Adirondack town come back to life with the influx of vacationers who quadruple the population of our town. I hope the weather today is not indicative of the weather we are likely to have this summer. It's not a very optimistic start with such a cool, rainy Memorial Day.

I enclose a photo of our beach looking towards Sherman's amusement park. As you may have read in the stories from our local newspaper, the future of Sherman's is still very much up in the air, I hope it is resolved soon.


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