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Wildlife out my window

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, birding season is back for sure. Just outside my bedroom window I'm seeing sparrows, chickadees, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and grackles.

My cat, Jerry, is especially interested in "bird TV" (Thank you Terrie for that term!) of course and it's great to see the variety of feathered friends gathered for all our amusement.

Oddly enough the squirrels haven't been as active in trying to get to the suet cake this year. It could be because our vigilant Min Pin, Oscar, is constantly on the alert.

This brings me great relief because I hate squirrels. I'm not an advocate of shooting anything, however, when the squirrels were very active in years past the thought of a B-B gun has definitely entered my mind. I have never shot a B-B gun either and I'm not sure if I could even live with myself knowing I caused another creature’s pain. So, basically, the bedroom curtains are shut in the morning to keep out the brilliant sun. I can’t even see out there until the afternoon when the sun is around the other side of the house.

I spend most of my spare time outside in a bikini with no shoes, completely covered from head to toe in sunblock SPF 50. The sunblock I use is called Ocean Potion, and it smells great and it doesn't attract bugs, although I do have bug spray with me at all times. I just had my aid, Aly, open the curtains hoping to find some inspiration.

I don't know if any of you guys are old enough to remember the song called "Humming bird don't fly away" by Seals and Croft but it's a wonderful song that I must say perfectly describes the tiny, very fast birds.

I just looked up and noticed first a chickadee and then a grackle on the suet cake. I just remembered that I used to have a different bird feeder that I used wild bird food that as I remember was what attracted the squirrels most. I stopped using that bird feeder with the wild bird seed because it was becoming way too frustrating watching the squirrels chase off the birds. I even went as far as having Herman put out squirrel food way, way in the back yard nowhere near the bird feeders, and for a brief time it worked. My bird feeders are on metals poles that the squirrels would run up. I even went as far as having one of my previous AIDS put cooking oil on the poles so the squirrels couldn't run up without falling off. Even the memory of this brings a great big smile to my face.

Aly is typing this for me just burst out laughing saying I can imagine the squirrels climbing up and falling. I love my little bird sanctuary I and look forward to seeing the birds feed. I enclose a couple of photos Herman took of our bird life.



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