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The Fourth at the lake

Written by Kathryn Spira


Once again we got to see our West Caroga Lake Association boat parade here July 3 and of course lots of fireworks here around the lake...not just on the fourth. Our little dog, Oscar, huddled trembling as close as he could get while our cats seem to pretty much ignore the fire works.

I include photos of the boat parade. I especially liked the loon ("We're loony!") decorated pontoon boat.

The July 4 festivities bring a nice pause to other news and political stuff going on, which I won't go into. It's nice to just picnic, sit at our beach, soaking some sun and maybe order a new bathing suit to add to my collection.

In fact just yesterday (The 4th of July) my aide Alee#1 and I went on line to They were having a sale for the 4th of July which was 40% off. I picked out a new black bikini with white flowers which is reversible and can be all black, so it's a two in one! When Alee asked me how I wanted to pay for it, I said, my ATM card which is in my wallet. She looked in my wallet and could not find it. Which meant to Alee and I that Herman must have it in his wallet. Problem was that Herman wasn't home, and the sale was only good for the 4th of July. So I had Alee save the page on Herman's laptop. I figured that way when Herman got home I would a:ask for my ATM card back and b:open the laptop and order it.

See I get my social security on the 3rd of each month, so I knew I had money in order to buy it. Herman took one look at the bathing suit and said "are you sure you only need a size 2 on the top and bottom?" By that time Aly #2 was with me and checked all my bathing suit tops and bottoms and sure enough they were all size 2. But to be honest with you guys, Herman had such a fuss about even buying it for me I just said forget it. I didn't even want to bother.

Aly #2 kept asking me if I was upset and I kept saying no, but I really was, so I'm laying in bed that night around 7pm and Herman comes in with the laptop and pretty much says to me, "Okay Kathryn, it's your money I'm ordering it right now.” I said get my glasses cause I wanted to make sure that you’re ordering the right one. After I looked and saw that it was in fact the bathing suit I wanted he finished the order.

I cannot wait to wear my new bathing suit, but first I have to wear all my old ones. There's about 32 and I've maybe worn about 15 or less. As I'm writing this I will tell you that today I am wearing a suit I have not worn yet this year, and I'm picking a suit for tomorrow that I also have not worn, I made a deal with the Aly's and Herman that I will wear all 32 soon to be 33 bathing suits this year! So there!

(I include a photo showing some of my bathing suits on the clothes line.)



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