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Written by Kathryn Spira


So I'm writing this to you on Wednesday, July 12 and looking forward to the local authors book fair held at the Fulton County Museum on Kingsboro Ave. July 13 from 4PM to 7PM. Depending on when you read this, you may be looking forward to the event or saying, "Oops! I missed it!"

Last year we had a good turnout for about 16 local authors and their works represented. This year Herman (aka Richard H. Nilsen) has a new follow-up in his Old-Fashioned Adirondack Mysteries series called An Old-Fashioned Hanging. I'm working on a new book about dealing with disabilities, tentatively called Training Wheels, but it isn't out in time for the book fair.

Mysteries on Main Street Book Store is helping sponsor the event and we hope to have lots of browsers. The museum has a new pavilion in the back parking lot, so I won't have to worry about rain as I did last year (it was clear, thankfully), but this year looks iffy.

I look forward to this book fair in that it brings together a lot of local authors and their individual works for sale. I enjoyed this event last year because it brought my readers the chance to meet with me and I really enjoy that. Many of you readers told me that it was a thrill to finally meet me after reading my column for so many years. But I have to tell you that the pleasure was all mine in that I got to meet you, the readers. It makes meeting you just as exciting for me. I spend a lot of time thinking of my articles before I actually put my thoughts in print. It's just as neat for me to get your reaction in person to my thoughts.

Sometimes I'll just sit down to write and the thoughts simply come flowing up at me then there are other times where I'll experience writers block, which means that nothing is coming to my mind. So I can't write anything down for you guys to read.

It's generally at these times I will go outside and get some rays, hopefully getting my creative juices flowing. When it becomes too hot for me to sit out in the sun, then I transfer to my manual wheelchair and have my aide push me into the lake where I will sit until my bottom gets sore. See there's no cushion on my manual wheelchair unlike the $400 cushion that is sit on in my electric wheel chair.

The cushion is called a Roho. It’s an air cushion and it supports my body just wonderfully. Several years ago I developed pressure sores on my bottom for spending way to much time sitting up in my manual wheelchair. I spent no time taking a break and relieving the pressure on my bottom side. Now I spend a lot more time resting my bottom reclining on my bed.

I'm usually good sitting up for about 2 hours at a time. It's at this time where I know it's time to lay down, get out of the sun and rest. So if I have to leave the book fair a little early, don’t be offended—I just need to rest my bottom.

I include a photo of the books we’ll have on sale at the book fair. They can also be purchased at Mysteries on Main Street in Johnstown, Canada Lake Store in Caroga or on, and for out of towners.


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