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Summer Storms

Written by Kathryn Spira


So I'm writing this on Tuesday after a doosie of a thunder storm last night. I saw on the TV that more than 3,000 households were out of power in Saratoga County and we had some wicked thunder and lightning very near by. The lightning and thunder came almost at the same time so it must have been very close. Poor Oscar, our Min Pin, was huddled trembling next to Herman much of the night.

As part of the storm's aftermath, we lost connection to our TV in the living room, so Herman spent much of the evening on the computer texting with DISH technical support. No progress there, so we'll be seeing a technician here at the house later in the week.

We've had lots of discussions about what TV service is needed. Herman would go for basic cable, but I want the options of seeing my Hallmark channel, MSNBC and CNN as well as a few other cable channels. It may cost more, but of course, "I'm worth it!"

We used to have Time Warner (now Spectrum), but that cost half again as much as DISH so we switched about four years ago. No, this is not an advertisement, just a relation of fact.

I enclose a photo of our beach view with our friend's sail boat mirrored in the lake in the quiet after the storm. This is a scene I love to see.

Even when the weather is awful I love Caroga Lake and living up here. I have been wearing bathing suits for the last several weeks, and wearing no shoes. This is my summer attire. I ordered another bathing suit from lands end, but when it came it so did not fit me. Aly #2 did her best to get me in it, but the cut of the suit was just not for me. I generally wear size 2 in bathing suits, but this one was so skimpy and it didn't cover much so what I did with Aly was repackage it up, fill out the return form, seal the bag, and then I had Herman send it back. I decided not to even bother with a different size because the cut of the suit basically did not work for me. 

Now how I got from the weather to my bathing suit attire is sort of a weird transition but trust me, I'm about to fill you in on my point. I figure after a big storm the weather is beautiful subsequently, putting me back into my bathing suit wearing mode.

I got a great surprise last week when a UPS truck came by as I was sitting outside thinking about what bathing suit I could wear the following day after my own "bad storm of a choice" when I ordered my last suit, so imagine my surprise when Herman greats the UPS driver in the driveway and presents me with a fairly large bag. To my great surprise and delight in the bag were three bathing suits that Herman ordered for me --on his own! I love each one! They are totally different from any bathing suits that I ever owned. He did a really good job of shopping for me as he said "and the best part for me Kathryn was that these three suits were less cost then the one you ordered from Lands End." So I said to him, "where did you order them from?" He answers with “Amazon.” 

I think that Amazon is a great venue for just about anything you want to shop for. I recommend it to you guys. You can even shop from the comfort of your own home without going out in a storm like the one we had yesterday. Happy shopping and happy summer! 


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