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Rainy days and Monday's

Written by Kathryn Spira


Here it is the end of July with summer already half gone and "back to school" ads already coming out! Ouch! And to add insult to injury, it's been rainy and cool the past two days--not even getting to 70F!

Since I'm writing this on Tuesday, the old Carpenters' song seems to fit. "Rainy days and Monday's always get me down." Actually, I usually pick especially bright clothing on dark, damp days to counteract the weather influence. That, and I'm not a "gloom and doom" kind of person anyway.

The rest of the week looks to be warmer with a nice weekend coming up and Herman's daughter is coming from California for a visit, so it should be a fun week. We especially look forward to concerts with the Caroga Music Festival at Caroga Museum Wednesday night at 7PM, Friday 7PM at Caroga Chapel and at Sherman's Saturday 6PM with The Voice finalist Chis Jamison. I include the complete itinerary of 29 concerts over 30 days for my photo this week. We are so fortunate to have all this talent here--a total of 65 musical artists from all over the world! 

Kyle Price is the artistic director of this group and I can't say enough about him and the other musicians. This is their sixth year and their wonderful venues have grown by leaps and bounds every year! 

Now as you all know, I've always been a great fan of classical music. And I am excited at this group's range and the fact they even incorporate jazz and pop tunes to keep all age groups interested.

And here is some really great news, it looks as though the Caroga Lake Arts Collective has been awarded the use of Sherman's for their musical performances as well as a complete arts venue. The other group that was vying for the space was a corporation that wanted to put up a residential and business space. Both groups were dedicated to preserving the carousel, so that was a good thing. I look forward to injoying Sherman's being open in the not too distant future. 

When I first moved to Caroga Lake, Sherman's was open on the weekends and the ice cream booth was open as well as the restaurant. They even sold popcorn by the bag. But that was back when George and Ruth Abdella were running it. My hope is that there is somehow a public lifeguard put on the beach and have the beach open to the public for, like, 5 bucks a car load. 

I've heard from Herman and many others how great Sherman's used to be and I would love to see it back up and running. From what I understand, a lot of work needs to be done to the interior of the pavilion building but it is structurally sound. 

Maybe I'll see some of you guys at Sherman's Saturday @6pm! I'll be the one wearing bright clothing!! 


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