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Music to my ears

Written by Kathryn Spira


So we are in the middle of Caroga Music Festival's sixth season and we've been graced with 29 concerts in 30 days here in our area! I got to hear The Voice finalist Chris Jamison in the first of fourSherman's Amusement Park concerts alone. It was great to see a crowd at Sherman's again!

I especially love the classical music with all these young, talented musicians from all over the world. Imagine: 65 musicians this summer right here in my back yard!

Upcoming concerts will include  Friday, August 11th @ 7pm located at the Caroga Chapel, Saturday August 12th @6pm located at Sherman's and I will most definitely be at Sherman's when it's less than a block away! I will list here for you guys the concerts that will be in Caroga lake, Sunday, August 13th @7pm being held at the Canada Lake Marina, Tuesday, August 15th @8pmlocated at the Nick Stoner Inn, Friday August 18th @7pm located at the Caroga Lake Chapel, and Saturday August 19th @6pmlocated at Sherman's. As for the rest of details simply go on line and look up Caroga LakeMusic Festival, 2017. 

I have never been in Caroga lake when Sherman's was thriving, and I'm very excited to see Sherman's alive again. I understand that the carousel will be preserved and hopefully up and running in the future. For me, I hope that eventually the ice cream stand that is still there will be open for business again. I also hope that they will sell popcorn again. 

When I was at Sherman's on July 29th for the Music Festivals opening there. I was thrilled to see the amount of people--there had to of been about 200 or so people. 

With my history in musicals as a collage student at Indiana University, my eyes were opened to many forms of classical music. Though I changed my major for voice, theater, and dance, my love of classical music has never changed. When I was still living inCleveland I was attending the Cleveland Institute of Music. Where I have now learned Kyle Price who is the artistic director of the musical festival also went. I thought it was cool that we have that in common. 

Most music I listen to at home when I'm eating is classical, but the CLMF also has some pop and jazz numbers included this year. I'm simply so happy that this great group is here for the month. I hope to see some of you guys there to enjoy the music too! I will enclose a photo of the crowd at Sherman's on July 29th!


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