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Chasing the sun--not the eclipse!

Written by Kathryn Spira


I understand amateur and professional astronomers alike will be chasing the total solar eclipse on August 21 with 100 percent eclipsed in a 75-mile wide swath from Oregon to South Carolina. We in the northeast will only see (with eye protection, remember!) about a 75 percent eclipse and for those who don't know or aren't bothering to check it out, will hardly notice the difference between the eclipse and a passing cloud cover. 

For more on the specifics, check out NASA's site at

Now, of course, I am always chasing the sun for a tan, not an eclipse! And this summer has been difficult, with cool, windy and rainy days all too often. I saw on the News Channel 10 ABC TV station where I am (Ahem!) the weather watcher for Caroga Lake, Meteorologist Tim Drawbridge said we've only had five 90F days so far this year, and that was in Albany--even fewer here in Caroga Lake!

Still, I am often complimented on my tan, as I was today (I am writing this on Tuesday, Aug. 8) by the ultrasound technician when I went for my yearly breast health screening at St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, NY. 

I of course, wore my favorite tank top which is white with orange and blue writing. It says "kissed by the sun.” I also wore my favorite bright orange LL bean shorts. To top my outfit off I wore my thong LL bean leather sandals (now I hope you guys didn't get nervous when I said “my thong.”) Remember I was born in 1960 when the word thong only meatt footwear. 

And as a side note, I never quite figured out how anyone could even wear such a thing. For me, plain 100% Cotton white underwear are the way to go. I remember distinctly as a kid in grade school and being taunted by other kids giving wedgies to the so called unpopular kids by the "cool" and popular crowd. As a side note I must mention that I've heard in passing that they are “comfortable.” Really?

I remember as an innocent kid growing up in Cleveland that my mom always brought me Carters six pack of kids white underpants. I even remember mom asking me if I wanted any colors. I was like, “No mom. I'll leave that to bathing suits!" Which is when I began seriously collecting bikinis. Which you all know is a tradition I continued for the last forty years. 

Now you knew I somehow go from talking about an eclipse to bathing suits and sunshine. It wouldn't be the same if I didn't.  I leave you with a photo of me in the sunshine today and a part of my swim suit collection drying on the clothes line.



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