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A total eclipse of the art

Written by Kathryn Spira


With apologies to Bonnie Tyler, the Welsh singer who originally recorded Total Eclipse of the Heart, it seemed fitting to pay tribute to the eclipse we got to witness this past week as well as bid a fond farewell to the wonderful music we've been exposed to this past month from the Caroga Music Festival.

Each year the music festival has grown, with 30 concerts in 30 days this year and 70 musicians from all over the world. I include a photo of the crowd at the fourth Sherman's Revival concert we saw last Saturday as well as a photo of the partial eclipse we saw here in Caroga Lake that Herman took Monday.

I have to admit I had a lot of excitement leading up to the eclipse. There was non stop coverage on the news about the upcoming eclipse and I actually had Herman tape the ABC-TV coverage that went from 1-3PM. They showed where the eclipse was at 100% on the west coast in Oregon first, then gradually towards the Midwest where it was still about 90%. Imagine my own surprise when we had about 70% here in our very own Caroga Lake NY. I was still wearing my bathing suit and even though I had my eclipse glasses on the sun still felt warm, though it was really something to see!

Remember the song "A total eclipse of the heart" I refer to that song in my title, though I use the word “art” instead. The reason I do so is because of the wonderful exposure to the arts when the Caroga Lake Music Festival preformed here this past month. That was truly a real treat.

Kyle Barrett Price is the artistic director and he has a real vision of what they should be about. My favorite part is when they preformed with just string instruments (violin is my favorite). At the last concert we saw at Sherman's I noticed there was added electric keyboard which added a different feel to the music to me. I also enclose a picture of a concert at Timberlane Blueberry Farm at “Chester’s Shed” Auust 16 with the Jason Anick Trio below as well as a photo of the eclipse. Enjoy guys.



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