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Hurricanes, Fires and Floods, oh my!

Written by Kathryn Spira


As we enter the quiet of the post-Labor Day holiday here in Caroga Lake, we've watched Hurricane Harvey blow out of Houston in its wake. Hurricane Irma is on the way towards Florida as I write this and fires are spreading across the western states. I'm almost embarrassed at how calm our weather is here in the northeast.

When I used to live in California there was a whole slew of different weather conditions, from smog haze to Santa Anna winds. I must say I prefer the full four seasons here in New York and we are just entering my favorite time of year--Autumn. You guys might be surprised to learn that summer, which I love to no end actually ranks 2nd in terms of what I find beautiful and feel wonderful due to the significant drop in temperature. I know I told you that due to my MS I am unable to properly sweat, this is why I sit in the lake on very hot days. My aide or Herman will usually sit next to me. There is something wonderful about feeling the constant movement of water on my legs.

Speaking of movement of my legs, I still dream at night that I will wake up able to run. I've even mapped out my route that I will take. Basically, I dream of running down East Shore Road then I would take a left on Lakeview, until I reach Pine Street. Then I would take a right to the corner of Forest and take that around past Lakeview again and continue the length of about two city blocks until I reach Grove Street. I then take a left which brings me back to East Shore Road, and home again.

I write this out to you as I am sitting in my wheelchair with my aide, Aly #2 typing for me. I consider myself pretty lucky to have the help I do, frankly I cannot imagine my daily life without their help.

When I first moved to Fulton County about 23 years ago, I was still typing for myself. I had a Brother word processor at that time. It wasn't until I met Herman that I fully experienced what a personal computer really was. What I am using today is Herman's iPad. I know there's a strong division between PC and Mac computers. I am not savvy enough about either to argue either way. My desktop here in the living room has the capability to change from PC to Mac, as Herman tends to go back and forth between the two. I leave you with the peaceful view of my lake while all the fires and hurricanes blaze through our country at least it's calm and peaceful here in our very own Caroga Lake.


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