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Finally summer in September

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, technically summer isn't over until September 21, but we all think of the unofficial ending of summer with Labor Day. With this week of mild weather in the 70s even in the Adirondacks, it seems more like summer than the cool, wet days of July.

Because the weather was so iffy in July, I decided not to wear bathing suits anymore this year. Remember, bathing suits and bare feet are my official uniform for summer wear. This whole 10-day period of mild weather is making me reconsider to wear bathing suits again.

I wouldn't dare venture out into the water since we've had many cold nights in spite of the warm days. I've been wearing shorts and tank tops during the day. I've actually worn long pants several times already and I usually wait for fall chills before I do that.

I include a photo wearing my "kissed by the sun" tank my friend Terry brought me from her trip down south. I'm so happy I get to wear it in this weather! I have to say I almost feel guilty with the awful weather they've had in Florida and Texas recently. Maybe after all these storms and devastation they won't make the usual cracks about our snow and cold this winter.

I just looked out at the lake, which is perfectly still. I'll have my aide prepare a spray bottle of water mist for my sun time. It's really ideal for me with sun and not too high a temperature. I hope you are all enjoying this terrific weather as much as I am! Cheers!


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