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Sailor's delight

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, Herman's been reveling in the weather lately, with daily excursions in his kayak and sailboat. We have a wall plaque gifted us with "Red sky at night, sailor's delight" inscribed on it and that has been the routine of late. I include a photo of the red sky behind his sail boat Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, for those in Florida, Texas, Mexico and the Caribbean lately, the first part of that poem "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning" has been much in the news. With the Jewish new year (Rosh Hashannah) arriving Thursday (actually beginning Wednesday at sunset, since the Jewish calendar considers the start of the new day at sunset rather than at midnight) and autumn starting Friday we have some of our warmest temperatures this week with near 90F on Sunday! It's enough to confuse anyone!

I am happy to tell you guys that I have been wearing bathing suits lately and have actually been in the lake several times this past week. Herman has been nice enough to take me out when I ask him and we usually spend about a half hour at a time in the water. This is usually when my butt cry's out to me in pain as my manual wheelchair has no seat cushion. I actually tried using a cushion in that chair once a couple of summers ago and it didn't work out well as the cushion seems to float out from underneath me, and I am not exactly sure why. I'm thinking it must be something to do with the cushion being filled with air and it being carried away by the constant motion of the water. As I am typing this or as I should say my aide Aly #2 is typing this she suggested I put two Velcro strips on the chair and two Velcro strips on the cushion. I'm skeptical but I told her we could discuss it with Herman later.

I am happy to report that my sun tan is doing great with this unbelievable stretch of weather. On a different note I remember when I used to sail with Herman, and I was always wanting him to point me in the direction of the sun, however that didn't always work with the steering of the sailboat and let me just add that the two sails often got in the way of my sun and having Herman constantly adjusting the sails to allow the sun to shine on me definitely got in the way of him steering the boat with the wind.

So I am happy to report that while Herman is happily sailing away I am happily sitting at the beach working on my tan and always facing the sun. I hope you enjoy this summer September as autumn starts!


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