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At long last summer!

Written by Kathryn Spira


So the past two weeks of weather in the 80s has really made up for some iffy July and August weather here in the northeast. My flower boxes are still blooming, I'm still able to work on my tan and best of all I can still get in the lake in the prolonged warm water here at the start of autumn!

I include a photo of me between a window box of flowers and my new musical wind chimes Herman bought for me. With record high temperatures this past week, I feel sorry for anyone living in another part of the country.

I cannot continue without discussing my "Autumn" wardrobe. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I've literally been living in bathing suits. I say this with a great big smile on my face and in my heart. I want to tell you guys that I actually made my first purchase from my Land's End fall catalog. It's ironic that I wound up purchasing a winter fleece in that it's been so hot outside. But I did order it and it has already arrived. I didn't actually try it on because it was too hot but I had my aide hold it up to me so I know it will fit. It's my favorite color yellow, though in the catalog they call it Lemon meringue. The absolute best part about this purchase is that it was 40% off so with shipping and tax I think the cost was only $30. As I write this to you I am contemplating having lunch and after which I will be going into the lake.

There has been no wind to speak of here on East Shore Road, which I am really missing because I love the sound my new wind chimes make, but since there is no wind I haven't been able to hear them at all. Herman hung these wind chimes up in back of our house, thinking it would be too windy in the front which is ironic because we have had no wind at all to speak of. In fact it's so still that when I am in the lake I have my aide Aly totally soak me with water because I get too hot and the water feels very refreshing to me although Aly says it's freezing at first but once she gets used to it it gets better. I disagree. I think it feels wonderful from the moment I hit the water. This is probably due to the fact that my body can't sweat because of the M.S so the water feels great. I keep calling Aly a pansy (well that's the g-rated version!)

I think people that drive by and see the three of us sitting in the lake are pretty much used to it by now, at least they should be. It's been going on for 20 years. As I am writing this to you I had my aide Aly turn on the weather channel and it looks like today will be the last day I will be going in the lake since by Thursday September 28th, the high is supposed to be 62 andFriday September 29th, the high is 59 and Saturday September 30th is 57. So guys I'm thinking as of Thursday the 28th, I will no longer be wearing bathing suits. By the time you read this it will all be history and you can see how well the weather-man predicted. I'm not sure I'll break down and put pants on yet I will gradually make my clothing change to shorts and T-shirts first.

I hope you all enjoyed this Indian Summer as much as I have!

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