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Misty mornings starting the new year

Written by Kathryn Spira


So the past couple of weeks marked the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashannah) as well as the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Meanwhile, outside our front door on the lake misty mornings are giving way to some of the best weather we've seen this summer--except it's actually Autumn! (I include a photo of Herman's sail boat in the mist.)

I'm trying to concentrate on this beauty and wonderful weather in the midst of hurricanes, earthquakes and the worst mass shooting we've seen, apparently by a single, white man in Las Vegas. This shooting I must say defies logic of any kind. I've watched continuous news coverage on MSNBC and the news casters all seem dumbfounded as to the reason why this lunatic did what he did. I think Rachel Maddow put it most aptly when she said the shooter basically knew what he was doing; “the victims were all sitting ducks.”

The reason why this man did this is vastly unknown as I write this. Even probing into his past doesn't divulge much information. As I watched continual news feed I also found myself with a wandering gaze towards the lake, where there is a beautiful mist hanging over the water which created a beautiful environment in such contrast to this wickedly disturbing story. I found myself almost mesmerized by the continual news coverage and so I literally had to pull myself away from the television and had my aide Alee toss me in the shower earlier today and I kept shaking my head saying, “what a nutcase.”

I think what disturbed me the most was the fact that in Las Vegas anyone could purchase a gun without a background check. Doesn't that sound crazy to you guys? The thing that upset me the second most was how a guy got all these guns into his hotel room unnoticed. What is this world coming to? Then I look out at the peaceful lake and I think it's ok. I'm in my paradise far removed from the lunacy of the rest of the world. The peace and tranquility I glean from this environment helps wash away the ugliness of what's happening in the rest of the world.

I have been spending the last few weeks sitting outside wearing shorts and a tank top everyday as the weather has been so beautiful for Autumn. To quote Herman, “This is the summer we should have had in mid July but didn't!” I believe that wholeheartedly and looking back into July and August I must also add that we had a “non summer” this summer, but that's all but a mere memory now. And looking into October I look forward to autumn and the leaves turning and the temperature becoming crisper. Here's hoping you all enjoy this great Indian Summer and a terrific beginning of fall.


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