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On an off-year election


I've been told that, "all politics is local," and I believe that especially applies this year to our locality. Our little town of Caroga Lake has had an evenly split town board this past year with only four members who seemed split on most issues so nothing much was accomplished.

This Tuesday there are two contested town board seats to fill in order to bring the town board plus supervisor position to a total of five, hopefully making for some progress on issues such as the Sherman's Park donation, the town right-of-way issue on Morey Road, etc. (Supervisory candidate James Selmser is running unopposed.)

The two candidates for town council that most impress me are Kent Kirch and James Long. They are the only two who have taken the time to send out an itemized issues newsletter to every town resident and both have the passion and have demonstrated the "sweat equity" necessary to get the town moving again. 

Kirch headed up the Sherman's Park committee this past year and Long made the effort to go door-to-door to visit every town resident and speak face-to-face.

Last Saturday I attended the candidate's question-and-answer meeting at (appropriately) the Sherman's Information Building and was able to see who really cares about our town. I enclose photos Herman took of Tor Shekerjian and Kent Kirch, who came early to the meeting as well as a photo my aide Aly took of James Long, his wife, myself and current Town Clerk, Linda Gilbert, (who is running unopposed).  

My biggest concern with questions to both Long and Kirch have to do with the outcome of Sherman's Park. They both responded with thoughtful comments about restoring the carousel and even possible uses for the Ferris wheel incorporating the Caroga Music Festival using the facility. 

Town resident Joyce Barrett was skeptical about the permanence of the Caroga LakeMusic Festival being able to use the park due to the past dithering of the town council on the issue. Her grandson Kyle Barrett Price is the artistic director of the festival that has brought new people in to our little town this past six years. 

I have attended many of the concerts and love them! 

Most of all, they have my vote!



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