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Still blooming until Halloween

Since we've had this extended summer into October, it's hard to believe Halloween is just around the corner as I write this. Just last week there were still roses on my rose bush and daisies brightly blooming.

I include photos of both here.

And the fall colors I feared we might not see due to dry conditions have been so spectacular reflecting in the lake out my window that I see many cars stop and people get out to photograph their beauty. Herman even had a couple of his fall foliage photos on the front page of the Leader-Herald.

I must say I miss the many children we used to have stop by trick-or-treating since it's been sparse the past couple of years.

I asked Herman to buy lots of candy hoping that we get a lot of trick-or-treaters this year. What we normally do is sequester our dog and two cats in our upstairs bedroom, with the door shut, because in the past years any trick-or-treaters we do get come to our front door and Herman opens the door and leaves it open while he's passing out candy. Because of this, I don't want our animals running out the door. We have every light in our house on so as the parents drive by they know that we are here, passing out candy. My way of participating is by wearing a bright orange shirt, and by sitting in the dinning room facing the front door so I can see, hopefully, all the kids coming by. 

I was watching the extended weather forecast and it looks like the weather for trick-or-treaters will be in the 50sF, which is a good thing. I have heard from different people who grew up in this area that they could remember snow flying on Halloween. Thank goodness we don't have to deal with that! In fact the temperature has been so mild for this part of October and I'm very grateful for that. I'm thinking the kids and their parents will be too! 

I remember my own days of trick-or-treating back in University Heights, Ohio when I was a kid it'd be so cool some years that my Mom would have us wear thermal underwear underneath our costumes. 

This year trick-or-treating is on Tuesday, October 31st, for Caroga Lake, Gloversville, Johnstown, Broadalbin, Ephratah, and Mayfield trick-or-treating will be held between 6pm-8pm, Northville's will be held 5pm-7pm. I hope whereever you trick-or-treat you have lots of fun, and get lots of candy. 



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