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Hannukah in the snow

Hey, guys, with our first big snow fall as I'm writing this on Tuesday the 12th, it is the first night of Hannukah! My candles in my menorah have been set up on my kitchen table facing me for about 2 days. By the time you read this on Sunday the 17th it will be the 6th night of Hannukah. Herman has bought me a beef brisket to make with my mother's recipe which he makes me every Hannukah. He also buys me a box of Matzo balls soup mix, which he makes with the beef brisket.

My aide Alee No.1 has never experienced Hannukah, or for that matter ever been friends with a Jewish person so basically this is all new to her. She takes the Holidays very serious and loves giving gifts to celebrate. I'm pretty much the same way!  This morning she brought me in my first gift of eight. I made it pretty clear to her that I am into the holiday spirit but I do not celebrate Christmas, she told me she still wanted to get me something anyways! 

What's really nice of her is that she decided to give a gift each night of the eight nights. I told her not to go nuts as I had only intended to buy her just a couple of items as gifts for Christmas. She asked me if I spent a lot of money and I said I've always been one to buy quality once and you won't be disappointed! And that's all I would tell her. Alee is writing this for me and Herman is starting to prepare for our Hannukah dinner. He is making everything I mentioned above plus potato latkes. 

I have given Alee No.1 and Herman each a gift today. And I'll save the others for Christmas. A garnish to this meal Herman also bought a box of specially baked cheese bites. With green olive cheese and and Rosemary imported from the Netherlands. Herman just told me that he’d rather use the cans of Motzo Balls and chicken broth, but Alee just volunteered with a smile to make the the Matzo balls for the soup. Whether you celebrate Hannukah or Christmas or whatever you celebrate I hope your Holiday is full of good joy and love!



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